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The making of MUSIC IS MORE

A documentary project in collaboration with PROJECT21st, consists of four behind-the-scenes of sound art projects Music is More. This documentary aimed to translate the aesthetic and worldview of each project into a visual sequence.

​A Waiting Game

A poetic documentary short featuring the Ukraine refugees crisis at the border since the Russian invasion in 2022. Millions of Ukrainians are stuck at the border waiting to leave their homeland while at the same time waiting to get back home with dignity.

Like Them, Like Us

In collaboration with artist Stephanie Chung, we captured the behind the scene of Love Streams, a Dance-Opera curated by Hong Kong Art Festival. The film explores the on feminism and the contemporary world-view through the eyes of involved artists.

The Making of Breast Man

A behind the scene of THÉÂTRE DE LA FEUILLE's surrealistic film Breast Man.​ 

The Making of Love-In-Idleness

A behind the scene of THÉÂTRE DE LA FEUILLE's art-tech Project Love-In-Idleness.​ 

Construct & Deconstruct

Featuring dramaturge Alysa Leung during her artist residency in Belgium. While researching the relationship between cityscape and physical movement on stage, Alysa digs deeper into locals' perceptions of home and motherland, eventually exploring her own family relationship.


Between the rare gap of two big covid waves, Théâtre de la Feuille managed to run the largest show in it's company history. The complexity of the show burdened the crew through the process. The film was made entirely in a direct cinema approach.

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