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What you see
is not you


Performance live recording & Highlight

Peering into the world of the Belgian surrealist philosopher painter René Magritte — the man behind that green apple, the white-clothed faceless lovers, and the man standing in front of a mirror whose reflection strangely shows him from behind — a theatre-infused creation is born.

What you will see on stage is the encounter between the senselessness bred from a dream, the bizarre and the absurd. Get ready to toss aside what we call normal and play to our bodies’ content.

螢幕截圖 2024-05-30 下午7.34_edited.jpg
螢幕截圖 2024-05-30 下午7.32_edited.jpg
螢幕截圖 2024-05-30 下午7.32_edited.jpg
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