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Online short films

Even numbers are often considered “good”, and odd numbers “bad”.
But don’t we all prefer a little asymmetric, unconventional oddness in life?

1357 focuses on the symmetric and the unbalanced in life. Making use of four of the creative elements in daily training routine and artistic creation in physical theatre – mask, body, object and wire work, this production is made up of four short video clips created with snapshots which aim to explore the infinite possibilities between theatre and movie-making. Each clip covers the showcase and a behind-the-scenes featurette.

Director: @kltscorsese
Executive Producer: @yh.lei
Production Manager: @lhytob_
Assistant Director: kevin._.leung
DOP: @singyu_ng
Camera Assistant: @leekityinglky
Gaffer: @kenmok1234
Location Sound Recordist: @hochi_chiu
Sound Mixer: @jedchoi
Original Score: @madebygaybird
Art Director: @cecifoksze
Asst. Art Director: @jasminezaleena
MUA/Costume: Ah Sin
Making of: @leekityinglky
Still Photographer: @lilyis_
Production: @storeroom9hk

《輪流轉 Feet in the Air and Head on the Ground》Behind the Scene—Collaboration with 綠葉劇團_theat
《暴風雨 The Tempest》Behind the Scene—Collaboration with 綠葉劇團_theatredelafeuille —————————————
《洗頭水與護髮素Bubbles》Behind the Scene—Collaboration with 綠葉劇團_theatredelafeuille ——————————————
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