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The Lost Adult


Performance live recording 

A large-scale live recording production of the theatrical play
The Lost Adult, capturing the aesthetic of WIRE FU, Fashion, and Physical Acting elements in the performance. 


Some yearn for freedom; some for power and wealth;

others stability and family.
Forget it all, you could; mention it not, you may;
Yet, maturity is one who remembers

all that would rather be forgotten and silenced;
As well as one who finds himself in lostness

after endless trials of certitude.

‘I would rather fly high above clouds of imagination than to struggle afloat the waves of reality,’ says Peter Pan.
“In this age of chaos, I cling on stability,” says Wendy.
“Success speaks louder than dreams,” says Captain Hook

When a plot inspired by the fairytale classic Peter Pan meets Kawakubo’s sense of sartorial aesthetics, the stage is adorned with a contrast between visual frenzy and theatrical absurdity. This is a stage where bodies collide, expand and deconstruct; where black underlines the light; where the order is constructed by destruction; where the asymmetric accounts for the routine. Like a boy dressed in rebellious fashion, he tells stories with his body dangling in mid-air.

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